Original Proposals


Let the love season begin! Valentines Day is coming up soon, and here you are picturing the perfect date with your loved one… and let’s admit it, you could also be wondering whether it’s gonna be THE day. A recent study from Chillisauce shows that 23% of women would love Valentines day to be their proposal day whereas 33% of men will prefer to do it on Christmas Eve…

Ladies, haven’t we all dream of the day our Prince Charming would propose? Haven’t we all once imagined the way he would  put a ring on it? Gentlemen, how nervous are you just when thinking about this question –Will you marry me?-? It’s just a question, one simple but life changing question. And trust me, it’s not the type of question you want to ask while cleaning the dishes with your girlfriend. Traditionally, and as shown in a lot of Hollywood movies, most men will take their loved ones to a romantic restaurant. At some point, probably after a glass of wine – or two if necessary-, they will go down on one knee, open a precious tiny box and finally say those 4 little words. Others will wait for Christmas Eve and hide the ring on the tree. But some others decides to go a little more original… Here is a selection of three proposal videos that went viral on the Internet… Grab a tissue and give it a look!

  1. I’m gonna marry her anyway: an Australian man proposes to his girlfriend at the movies
2. Unexpected performance on stage
3. How about proposing and getting married on the same day?

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