Events to remember


As our 10th anniversary is coming up this year, we are a little bit nostalgic, we have many events to remember and some stand out for different reasons. That is why we decided to sit with Yazmin and capture those special stories.

For those of you who already know Yazmin, you know that listening to her talking about her passion is like riding a roller coaster: it makes you go through a lot of emotions. We are hoping that for those of you who don’t know her, you will get those emotions from reading her interview. On top of having fun we learned so much!

One of the question was what did really go well, because although some people can have difficulty admiting it, there is no such thing as a perfect event. There is always something unexpected and that is why hiring a professional is so important. Why ? Because from experience they know how to deal with pressure and they know what buttons to push.

What did go well ?

“Many weddings went well, but there was one that I remember as an unexpected success because of the degree of experimentation and creativity: it was that of a couple that decided to do exactly what for them would be an unforgettable day and chose Alice in Wonderland as their wedding theme. It was a nice challenge with 200 guests and a lot of decorations. Family and friends were surprised and happy because every detail had the bride and groom signature on it.”

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For all of us who are dedicated to creating and leaving the best of impressions to our customers, it is difficult and scary to think that something will go wrong but it happens! And we have to be ready to deal with the worst scenarios.

Did something go wrong ?

“Uff yes! For this question I have several examples :

One time, the minister came in two hours late! We had to switch the whole schedule and start with cocktails and then the ceremony. The bride and groom realized it and although they were not angry they realized communication and logistics could have been better if we had been in charge of it.

One time, it was a very rainy day and the DJ arrived an hour late to the wedding The stress you experience as the wedding planner is intense: the DJ was hired by the couple (independently), and that can be a big difficulty because the communication is not direct and it is a problem to maintain the logistics in a good pace. Because of the delay, our waiters had to help setting up the audio system. In the end everything was on time. That is why our clients, throughout the years, after we explain them those stories, decide to let us in charge of all the suppliers. Over the past 10 years we have built a network of reliable suppliers in which we can trust.

When the couple decides to hire a supplier on their own, they have to be very careful. I have many other examples of things that went wrong for that reason:one time, they had contracted a photographer… and never got the pictures! Same thing with a mariachi the bride and groom met on the fifth avenue here in Playa: he never came….”

And talking about being ready and anticípate.

Something unexpected ?

“Another time, the bus driver got lost… and with him the brother of the bride! Who on top of that was the witness…When we talked with the supplier, their answer was “Oh but it’s because it’s a new driver!” And that is how you learn how to select your suppliers… Obviously we stopped working with them!

We also had this wedding where the bride and groom wanted all of their guests to hold the rings after the ceremony. It was a tradition, to bless them with good vibration. That’s great but when the party started, one of the guests had the bride’s ring in his pocket, starting dancing rock aaaaand lost the ring. In the end, everyone was down on their knees, looking for the ring in the sand… The worst thing is that they never found it!!”

After so much stress, a good laugh is the best medecine!

The Funny Thing

“One time, i went in the bathroom and  found the bride’s aunt stealing all of the beauty products!

In another wedding, we used starfish in the decoration and stick them to the seats. Well, no less than 3 guests tried to get them out of the chairs!! It was funny to see them try to pull them out super hard and take great pains to get only one starfish… When we finally managed to contain our laughs, we came closer to tell them they could not do that.”

Who doesn’t like that peaceful feeling you get when your clients are thankful and recognize all the work you have done?

A great satisfaction?

“When a Bridezilla: por those who do not relate this conjunction, it is the term that was created to describe a bride which is more nervous and demanding than the average bride, thanks you for your work at the end of her wedding. The term Bridezilla comes from Bride and Godzilla (yes, the Japanese monster that a lot of people feared in the 1950s, 1990s and even in 2014). You don’t know how happy I am when a Bridezilla thanks me and is completely satisfied!” Another joy is when the couple come back a few year after the wedding and introduce their babies to us or invite us for dinner to tell us about their life!”