5 things you can do with your dress once the big day is over


1. Trash the dress

Once the big day is over, you don’t have to worry about keeping the dress clean anymore! Whether it’s one day, one week or a few years after, having a « trash the dress » photo session will give you precious and artistic memories to look at. Here are some pictures of one of our brides who chose to have a wonderful « Trash the dress » session in a cenote. In addition, we can refer you to the best photographers specialists in Trash the Dress of the Riviera Maya.

Danira & Brian Wedding By YD
Heather & Chris Wedding By YD
Mariane & Hector Wedding By YD

2. Pass it down to you daughter

Start off a family tradition and pass your dress down to your daughter ! Keep in mind that when the day comes that she gets engaged, she might want to modernize the dress.

3. Recycle it!

Use the fabric from the gown to make something completly new! With your imagination and some sewing skills, transform your gown into clothes that you can wear every day or on special occasions ! A christening gown for your future babies, a lovely top, a nice cocktail skirt… the possibilities are countless!

4. Keep it for a wedding anniversary!

How about keeping it to wear it on your vow renewal or for a big anniversary (10 years for example) ? It would be an occasion to celebrate your unaltered love and build new memories surrounded with your friends and family ! And guess what, it’s the perfect occasion to take your beautiful gown out of the closet!

5. Donate it!

Why? Maybe simply because you feel like helping someone else that can’t afford a beautiful dress like yours. Also, some associations will sell you dress and use the money for a good cause. For example, here in Mexico you can donate your dress to the NAYN Fundation. It will allow vulnerable women to get to wear a wonderful dress on their big day. Here is the link to their Facebook page for more information. 

We hope that these ideas work to decide what to do with your beautiful dress, let us know what was your choice.