Once upon a time…


Wedding Anniversary Yazmin and Arwed

In this occasion we dedicate this space to Celebrate and Commemorate the Union that led to the creation of YD Dream Management, because without this love story, this Wedding Agency may not exist. For this reason we wanted to know how we got here, so we decided to make some questions to each one to tell us their version of the facts. From the first moment that their eyes met.

Yazmin´s Version

How you met?

We met in an ecological hotel that we loved and that coincidentally all of our lives we have made about where is located this hotel as we live very close and our offices and business are also in the same area. The hotel was called Snail and the snail was a very important element for the Mayan culture, so we decided to include it in our wedding invitation as well as in the logo of our company that we have just changed.

Logo 2007
Logo 2015

Tell us about the first date:

Arwed invited me to go out eight times and always I refused! As I lived four years in Switzerland, so I did not liked that much the Germans. Also, he is five years younger than me, and he seemed very young for me! One day my Canadian friends decided to invite him without that I knew and it was love at first touch because he knows how to dance Salsa pretty nice!

When you realized that you both were made for each other?

As soon as I touched his arm… I felt the chemistry and I knew that we were hooked! We will never separate again … We met in March, in September he proposed to me and in June we were at the altar.

Yazmin and her Dad
Yazmin and Arwed

Wow! no doubt Yazmin´s version took an unexpected turn and leaves us waiting to know the version of Arwed, now they have a beautiful family, with the third member, their adorable Chihuahua JOY.

Congratulations Yazmin and Arwed !!!