Once upon a time … Arwed’s version


Wedding Anniversary Yazmin and Arwed

Yazmin already had the chance to give us her versión about how she met Arwed, but there are two sides to every story, so here is what Arwed remembers.

Arwed´s Version

  • How did you meet?

The First time i saw her, i was in the lobby of the Hotel waiting for my job interview. The Hotel´s name was Caracol Village (Today Sandos Caracol). I remember perfectly how i felt all eyes were on me, today i am very sure that some of those eyes belonged to Yazmin and her friends who had come to the lobby to check out who the Manager was going to hire.

From that day started our love story and our troubles with our manager. He and his co workers started a sort of pact, which until today i still don´t understand. Indeed they tried to tear us apart however they could. It only ended up strengthening our relationship. Today i know that from this beginning full of love we built the roots of the tree of our life together.

  • Tell us about the first date:

 I tried many times to get a date with her, i even asked 7 times!! “when do we go out for coffee, or a beer, or something? she would always said no. But the heart always find a way. But since Yazmin doesn´t know what´s good for her, i decided to be pro active and make our date happen although she didn´t want it. Her friends gave me the information about their next night out in a bar. One of her friends was my partner in crime. So, on that day, i arrived at Calipso bar (latin music bar). At first, Yazmin was surprised and kind of upset with her friends. But then, inside of her something sparked when our feet accidentally touched under the table.

  • When did you realize that you were both made for each other?

I realized it when i felt this electricity i had never felt before meeting her. From there i knew our destiny were to be together.

How different can a story be when told by its main characters. in both versions we can tell the were both at the right place at the right moment.

On June 14, this beautiful couple will be celebrating their 14th Wedding Anniversary, a lot of things happened within those fourteen years, for example they launched varios projects together: From YD Dream Management (Wedding Planning and Catering) to ACIBEP (The First Association for Independent Wedding and Event Planners in Mexico) and even more, we would actually need another article for them to explain us how it is to be both Spouses and Business Partners.